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The Three Best Pizzerias On The East Coast

The Three Best Pizzerias On The East Coast

Seriously, you’re not truly living life until you’ve tried them all.

Here at The Sitch, we love pizza. We eat it twice a week and some of us are even on the border of becoming pizza snobs. For those of you who have traveled through Italy, you would probably agree that the pizza there is some of the freshest and best tasting in the world. And it’s not like there's just one spot that offers such deliciousness. No, it’s nearly every street corner that you can find a personal pie that’s unlike anything you’ve ever had before. But for those of us who primarily live here in the United States, we may need to look elsewhere if we’re truly looking to grab the ultimate slice of za.


Now to be fair, we haven’t eaten too much pizza while out west, so we’re limiting this list to only the three best places to go on the east coast. If you have any suggestions on famous or not so famous pizzerias on the other side of the country, then let us know in the comments section below.


1) Aurelio's Pizza

Location: Homewood, IL

Around Since: 1959

While not technically on the east coast, Illinois is still home to one of the best pizzerias in the United States. If you’ve ever lived in or around Chicago, then you’ve definitely eaten at Aurelio’s Pizza. Nearly six decades old, Aurelio’s has been a staple for what a pizza should be since its conception. Famous for their deep dish, signature, stuffed, thick and thin crust pizzas, their fiesta size is 18” and serves 5-6 people. Seriously though, it’s probably the largest pizza you’ll ever see in your life.


2) Little Joe’s Pizza

Location: Knoxville, TN

Around Since: 1974

Ok, so you might be skeptical at first. Thinking to yourself, “there’s no way that some of the best pizza on the east coast is in a small town in Tennessee”. Well, you would be wrong. The small, family owned and operated, Little Joe's pizzeria offers a variety of thin crust pizza options, with what would appear to be your basic toppings and styles – ranging from the Little Joe’s Combination to Little Joe’s All Meat pizzas. We’re not exactly sure what their secret sauce is but whatever it is, it makes each slice taste better than the last. Anyone coming from the Chicago or New York areas that have eaten there will testify how good it really is. Oh, and their breadsticks are quite delicious, too.


3) Artichoke Pizza

Location: New York, NY

Around Since: 2008

If you haven’t tried this crazy twist on a New York style pizza, you’re really missing out. Fourth generation restaurateurs and cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille founded the pizzeria in the East Village and have since expanded to twelve hugely successful locations across the country. While they offer a variety of different style pies, ranging from meatball to margaritas and crabmeat, their staple, the artichoke slice uses an incredibly flavorful sauce made up of primarily, well … artichokes. Although each slice is around $5, the average person can really only muster the one without feeling like their stomach is going to explode.


So that’s it for our list of the three best pizzerias on the east coast. Let us know if there’s any that you think could contest with Aurelio's, Little Joe’s or Artichoke in the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for all the best reads on food.

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