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15 Things You Should Do For Your Dog If You Want To Go The Extra Mile

15 Things You Should Do For Your Dog If You Want To Go The Extra Mile

Here are 15 easy things you can do for your dog just to show them and the rest of the world how much you care

We here at The Sitch love our dogs and do everything we can to show them that. If you're a dog lover too, then you've probably already done some of the things on our list but if not, then there's always another day to try something new. Oh and if you haven't already seen it, then you're going to want to check out our list of the best dogs to follow on Instagram after you finish reading these awesome things you can do for your dog.


1. Have your dog wear goggles whenever they go out on a ride

Just like our eyes, extremely fast winds can have some adverse effects on a dog's eyes so it’s best to get them proper eyewear if they’re riding on a bike, motorcycle, boat or in a convertible.



2. Get a professional portrait of your dog painted for the living room

Who doesn’t love seeing a beautiful picture of their dog every day? Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to get a painting of your dog shipped directly to your house. My Pooch Face is a great service that does just that.



3. Get your dog a shirt with your face on it while you wear a shirt with your dog’s face on it

It’s really not that hard to show the rest of the world how much you and your dog mean to each other. Just do a quick search online for custom t-shirt company like Uber Prints and you’re that much closer to getting your custom made shirts.

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4. Get a personalized bowl with your dog’s name engraved on it

This one’s a no-brainer. How else are they going to know which bowl is theirs? There are tons of shops out there that do doggy bowl engravings for affordable rates. You can either get the name engraved on the inside or outside of the bowl. And if you want to ball out super hard, then you can also look into getting this Gianni Versace’s Barocco Pet Bowl, which only runs $754.



5. Buy your dog a pair of sneakers

Angel the Bengal’s rad sneakers aren’t only for cats, you can get some cool shoes for your dog too. These stylish dog booties can also help protect their paws from hot surfaces.



6. Get your dog a comically large dog bone

All dogs love dog bones so they must love giant ones that are twice their size. Your little guy or girl will be chomping on these things for a while. We’ve found one that’s eighteen inches long that costs less than $10, too.



7. Dress your dog up for Halloween

While you’re picking out what you’re going to be for the next night of ghouls and ghosts, don’t forget to be thinking of ideas for your pup, too. Our friend Longboy Lincoln has tons of great costume ideas that can give you some inspiration.



8. Drop $1,299 on a dog bed

This dog bed is from Haute House, which is a Hollywood-based design and manufacturing company that creates haute couture furnishings for the home. The dog bed only comes is Blush and looks extra extravagant.



9. Celebrate your dog’s birthday in style

Who doesn’t love a good birthday celebration? Be sure to invite all your friends either over to your house or a dog-friendly bar or restaurant to celebrate the big day. Oh, and you should also be sure to bake your pup a dog-friendly birthday cake.



10. Give your dog one of the nicest dog collars they’ll ever have

This Italian dog collar from gracious style is genuine gold lamé calfskin leather with gold plated brass and clear Swarovski crystals. It will surely have the other dogs checking your dog out at the dog park – and it only costs $159 which is nothing compared to this amour collar that costs $3.2 million.



11. Build your dog a jungle gym

All dogs should have an appropriate training facility so that they can learn tricks and stuff. If you have space, then you should look into building your dog their own personalized jungle gym.



12. Dress your pup in proper nightwear

No dog should go without a proper pair of PJs. While styles range from flannel to cotton and silk, you’ll need to search around for the perfect pair that fits your dog’s size and style.



13. Get some customized doggy swag

For all of those times you’re not with your loveable one, get a picture of them on your phone case or tote bag so they’re never out of sight.



14. Warm your little one in a cashmere sweater

For less than $100 you can dress your dog in this awesome cashmere sweater we found on Frontgate. This particular sweater only costs $99.50 and its moisture-wicking properties make it appropriate for year-round wear in all types of climates.



15. Dress to impress with a doggie bow tie

Every dog needs to rock out in style from time to time. Especially if they plan to attend the Met Gala or the Oscars. Head on over to Stevie’s Style to check out their awesome collection of bow ties made just for your pup.



That wraps it up for our list of 15 things you can do to show your dog some love. Be sure to show us some love by using the form below to subscribe to The Sitch for more doggy inspiration and other entertaining reads.

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