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Is Taylor Swift Going Back To Country?

Is Taylor Swift Going Back To Country?

10 time Grammy award winner, Taylor Swift, might be going back to her homegrown country roots

Photo courtesy of  Billboard

Photo courtesy of Billboard

Swift, who's latest album is a pop/techno fusion pertaining to love, lust, and revenge is currently enjoying her twelfth week in the Billboard top 100 for country music for her duet with country duo, Sugarland. When the song, "Babe," was released in April it was the first time that Taylor had a song in the Billboard top 10 since 2013 (conveniently with a country song "We Are Never Getting Back Together"). 

All this isn't to say that Swift hasn't found a huge amount of success from her ventures into pop discography - her first pop album, 1989, won the 2016 Grammys for Pop Vocal Album Of The Year and Album Of The Year. Her most recent album, however, hasn't been met with quite the success of 1989. This could be due to the fact that the album is quite literally a satirical wave goodbye to Taylor Swift's Reputation

Photo courtesy of  Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift

Swift got her start singing for different record labels in Nashville, Tennessee. With just her and her guitar, she was able to capture hearts with her imagery in songs like "Tim McGraw" and "Teardrops On My Guitar." She has always had a slightly wild side, though - with songs like "Picture To Burn" and "We Are Never Getting Back Together." 

The songstress remained a country singer even while her music was enjoying pop radio play, primarily beginning with her album, Red; however, this was also her last full country album. 

Taylor Swift took two years to conceptualize, write, and produce her very first pop album, 1989, which was a smashing success. The album fused her ability to tell a story while also maintaining cool pop tones. Two years after that, she released Reputation.

While Taylor Swift became famous largely due to her impeccable ability to tell a story through two verses, a chorus, and a bridge, Reputation, didn’t really tell much of a narrative - unless you consider angsty anger and revenge a narrative. The songs are catchy, but definitely different for the singer. The album does end with the song “New Years Day” which has quite a lot of that old familiar beautiful country imagery that Swift was so good at. 

In 2017, Taylor Swift won the Country Music Award for her song, "Better Man," which was made famous by Little Big Town. In March of 2018, Swift gave an acoustic show at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville where she sang "Better Man" along with acoustic versions of some of her pop songs, like "Shake It Off." 

Last night, on her Reputation Tour, Swift got stuck in a sparkly cage on stage and as she debated what to do while she was stuck there in front of thousands of fans, she decided to sing an a cappella version of her hit country song, "Our Song." Maybe Taylor Swift actually can do it all - sorry to the haters (gonna hate, hate, hate). 

Although the singer hasn't officially stated what she'll do next after Reputation, it's very possible that trading in her pop glam for cowgirl boots is in the cards. Regardless of what her next move is, we at The Sitch will support her all the way!

Listen to Reputation here, and be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts. For more Taylor Swift news, be sure to subscribe to The Sitch.

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